Furniture Repair and Restoration

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Terms and Conditions

By reading the statements below these terms are acknowledged and accepted without reservation. I have spoken with the restoration artist and I am satisfied that I have addressed my primary concerns and I have communicated the restoration expectations completely. I have discussed any history or distresses that are meaningful and would like to keep (example: Grandpa's cigarette burn). I allow Miller Restorations to make decisions on restoration processes not discussed (verbally or written) prior, including but not limited to color, finish, and hidden damages. I allow the tech free use of his artistic license. I feel confident in the training and experience of the technicians and I release them from any liability for damage. I trust that all members of Miller Restorations will attempt to complete my restoration project to the best of their ability.

Estimates are valid for one year after the initial consult. Work requested after that time will need to be re-evaluated prior to completing the project and may result in another consultation charge or a differing rate. We make our best effort to provide an accurate estimate when we evaluate the piece we are working on, however once we get into a project we may come across unknown variables, whether related to the furniture structure, or the finish being applied that may result in additional labor charges. We will communicate any changes to the estimate prior to delivery. Turnaround timeframe is variable, though typically within an 4-8 week time frame. If you need it sooner we may apply an expedite rate.

Shop Hourly rate $145/hr for most repairs and refinishing. 

Expedites will incure additional charges

Consultation Fee - $125 (waived if we continue with the project, applied to the job if we return to complete the work - 1  yr limit)

Onsite touch up / repair - Starting at $245 per hour.

Pick up or Delivery - Starts at $75, varies by location

Dining tables - Dining tables are typically charged by the linear foot (lf = length of table) starting at $245/lf.  This may vary based upon type of finish or the type of table (example drop leaf tables involve finishing both sides of the drop panels).

Dining Chairs - Most repairs take 1-1.5 repairs, if refinishing labor can range from 3-5 hours or more depending on style (plus repairs as needed)

Material Costs - Includes any additional items we need to purchase - such as wood, locks, keys, glass, hardware, etc. These items are the responsibility of the customer and will be included in the final bill.

Fabric - We are not designers, we can only provide input on the fabric as far as the information provided to us by the supplier.  Design, style, and type of fabric used is up to you, the customer.  Please do appropriate research when selecting a fabric to make sure it meets your needs.  We are not held responsible for fabric selection.

Samples are available at no charge, if you choose to purchase fabric from our supplier we will require payment for that fabric up front.   Fabric prices typically start around $60/yd. Leather prices start at $525 per hide, depending on what type, thickness and size of the hide.  Most projects will likely require a minimum of 2.

Research Fee (example: locating hardware) - $125/HOUR

Storage fee - If pre-arranged the monthly storage fee is $50. We provide 30 days storage at no charge upon initial notification of project completion (or projects undecided). After 30 days a fee of $5 per day/per piece is charged for up to 120 days. As of day 121, the item will be considered abandoned and will then be sold to cover restoration & storage fees.

Missed appointments or cancel w/less than 24 hr notice - $50

Payment is due upon completion of work if onsite, or upon pickup or delivery unless other arrangements have been requested in advance.  Any balance outstanding beyond 15 days is subject to 15% late fee per month.  Deposits of up to 50% may be required for larger projects.

Updated 6/24/2023